Volunteer Respite Manual: Creating Valuable Options for Family Caregivers

Drawing on the experience in volunteer services among ARCH network members, ARCH’s recognized Innovative and Exemplary respite services, and Lifespan Respite grantees and their partners, this step-by-step manual will help national, state and community-based programs and faith-based initiatives assess needs, plan, and implement volunteer respite programs with special guidance on providing volunteer services during the pandemic. It will also assist Lifespan Respite grantees and partners in building respite capacity through volunteer training and recruitment. Topics include: program planning and operations; volunteer recruitment, training and management; performance measurement; policies and procedures; liability and insurance; and marketing. You can download the manual...
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As you explore the ARCH Volunteer Respite Manual, you may find that you need additional resources and information to help you plan or implement your community volunteer respite program. We have gathered samples of job descriptions, volunteer application forms, orientation checklists, volunteer interview questions, background check forms, reference forms, policies and procedures, training resources and more. This list of resources will continue to be updated and new resources added as they become available.

Volunteer and Faith-based Respite Models

To find examples of volunteer and faith-based respite services, visit ARCH's Innovative and Exemplary Respite Services, and the ARCH Volunteer and Faith-based Respite Learning Collaborative.

See also ARCH's Respite and the Faith Community and Volunteer Respite: Roadmap to Resources.

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Initial Cover Letter: Example from Gio’s Garden

Thank you for your interest in Gio’s Garden. This letter will give you more information about who qualifies for our services, and the process that you will go through to…

Respite Benevolence Policy

Prepared by the South Carolina Respite Coalition and Family Connection of South Carolina In respite voucher programs administered by faith congregations, the congregation provides no direct services of respite care…

Respite in the Faith Community

The shortage of respite providers continues to be a significant barrier to respite access in many communities. At the same time, government funding for social services is shrinking. Turning to…

Sample Performance Evaluation of a Volunteer

Source: From NC Handbook of Volunteer Management, 1991. As printed in North Carolina Respite Care Coalition, Lifespan Respite: An Information Guide for Developing, Recruiting, Training and Retaining Volunteers, 2011

Sample Agency/Volunteer Agreement

This agreement is intended to indicate the seriousness with which we treat our volunteers. The intent of the agreement is to assure you both of our deep appreciation of your…

Sample Senior Companion Program Volunteer Assignment Plan

This document is provided as a sample only. Its use is optional by Senior Companion Programs and, if used, it should be customized as appropriate.

National Criminal Background Check for Employees or Volunteers Providing Care to Children, the Elderly and Disabled

Spectrum of Respite Options for Faith Communities

Spectrum of possible respite services for parents and other family caregivers. Created by the South Carolina Respite Coalition.

Partnering with AmeriCorps Seniors to Support Respite and Workforce Development

Partnering with AmeriCorps Seniors to Support Respite and Workforce Development This meeting of the Volunteer and Faith-based Respite Learning Collaborative focused on the AmeriCorps Seniors – Senior Companion Program and how it…