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Nebraska Lifespan Respite Subsidy 2015 Evaluation Report

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Developed by the NE Department of Health & Human Services Part of the overall Nebraska Lifespan Respite Services Program, the Lifespan Respite Subsidy Program provides funding for family caregivers to…

Respite Care Provider Training Courses

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The Respite Care Provider Training (RCPT), a competency-based entry level respite provider training curriculum, developed by the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin as part of the ARCH/National Academy for State…

State of Arkansas – Arkansas Lifespan Respite Awareness Day

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The Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition has held several Respite Legislative Awareness Days at the State Capitol. Material distributed at the 2016 Respite Awareness Day event included this Awareness Day Proclamation…

ARCH Systems Change Outcome #1 Tracking Form

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Prepared by ARCH as a sample form for tracking Lifespan Respite grant goal achievements.  This form is used to track and report on Outcome #1: Grantees achieve the goals identified…

Tools for Collaboration: Building and Sustaining Partnerships for Lifespan Respite Care Programs

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This fact sheet provides definitions of different levels of collaboration and answers the questions: Why is collaboration a priority area for the Lifespan Respite Care Program? and What does collaboration in Lifespan Respite…

Nebraska Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waivers


Managed Care 1915(b) and/or Home and Community-Based 1915(c) Waivers for Respite Support Medicaid is a program in every state that pays for medical assistance for certain individuals and families with…

Sustaining Lifespan Respite Systems: Lessons Learned and Practical Applications with a Checklist for Success

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Author: Susan Janko Summers, PhD, ARCH With technical assistance from ARCH and The Finance Project, eight Exemplar States chosen from among the Lifespan Respite grantees and partners, worked to develop…

South Carolina Data Elements for Lifespan Respite Reporting

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Developed by the South Carolina Lifespan Respite Project A list of data elements for measuring demographic, process data (unduplicated counts of caregivers and care receivers receiving respite by age, gender…

A Practical Guide to Respite for Your Family

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By Molly Dellinger-Wray and Monica Uhl with the Partnership for People with Disabilities (formerly the Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities), a university-affiliated program at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Receiving Respite Care Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic (also in Spanish)

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Guidelines for Families The information and guidelines provided in this document are designed to assist you and your family with careful and thoughtful decision making to ensure respite care is…

COVID-19 Case Study: YMCA of San Diego County, CA

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The YMCA of San Diego County provides respite for families of children and adults with special needs to give families short-term relief from the ongoing care of their child with…

Advancing Respite by Building Bridges among Respite Researchers

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Advancing Respite by Building Bridges among Respite Researchers Presentation by Kim Whitmore, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, Marquette University, and Research Consultant, on behalf of ARCH Dr. Kim Whitmore, facilitator of…