If you are looking for published research articles and other publications focused on respite research and evaluation, see also Findings and Updates and ARCH Annotated Bibliography.

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ARCH Respite Research Summit: Roundtable Discussions

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Roundtable Discussions Facilitated by  Kim Whitmore, Marquette University, College of Nursing; Casandra Firman, MS, Susan Janko Summers, PhD, and Ray Kirk, PhD, ARCH ARCH Respite Research Summit, September 30, 2020…

Increase in Caregiver Access to Respite (2)

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Prepared by ARCH as a sample measurement tool for Lifespan Respite grantees/partners. List each agency being tracked in the left hand column. Include your own if applicable. How to count…

9 Pasos para El Relevo de Descanso para abuelos y familia extendida

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Un Camino para obtener el descanso que usted merece Si usted es un abuelo u otro pariente que cuida de sus nietos, sobrinas, sobrinos u otros niños de la familia,…